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  • 17 June 2016

    Sfero Game NOW available for free on iOS and Android!

    Sfero Game NOW available for free on iOS and Android!

    The game has finally been released worldwide!

    You can download it for free at the following links:


    To make you more willing to give it a try, we wanted to know more about how the gameplay idea was born. To get more details about it, we asked directly to the person who create it, its Product Manager Riccardo Masciotta, to answer some questions and to give us some insights of his particular point of view of this new adventure.

    What has been your motivation to design and develop a new mobile game?

    I’ve always been fond of videogames, since I was really young. In particular, I’ve played almost every existing console game. When I started to play mobile games on my smartphone, I experienced the power of this new platform and I guessed its potentiality. So, I decided to take my ability as a game player to the next level, trying myself with the creation and the design of a casual game with innovative characteristics, both in terms of graphics and in terms of gameplay, thanks to the introduction of RGP features in a running game. As to say, I was motivated by the desire to “make something different” and to follow my passion for games, throwing myself into a completely new adventure.

    What gameplay characteristics were the ones that convinced you to start developing this new kind of running game?

    The gameplay of this product is very innovative, for two principal reasons: the first is that the game controls are very easy, consisting of one simple tap to move left or right (there aren’t aisles), more taps in a row to shoot at obstacles to destroy them. This makes it simpler and accessible to a very broad audience. The second is that it has got some RPG features, not very common in this kind of games, a fresh look and really great graphics.

    How this experience will change your view as a game designer and the way you’ll think about making games in the future?

    Making a game is a very hard challenge. Having a great idea and being able to design it with a functional and easy structure is only the beginning. Then you have to overcome all obstacles during development. We’ve done it, and it has been a tough work, being the main challenges the need to reducing the size of the graphic assets package and finding the optimal balance between all elements, in particular trying to ensure that the UI (User Interface) was as immediate and understandable as possible to all potential users.

    What can we expect from this new adventure?

    I believe the game will please both ours and players’ expectations. In particular, players will love its detailed graphics, the immediate but still challenging gameplay, and the addictive game mode. Our team will be open to feedback and new suggestions coming directly from them, and willing to add new features to the game accordingly. We want to make it the best game of its genre!

    Thank you and good luck!

    Thank you and enjoy the game!

    Of course we will. What about you? ;)

    Let us know your feedback and suggestions! Contact us: info@alaki.it

  • 29 April 2016

    Interview with SFERO Lead Developer and sneak peeks!

    Dear (future) players,
    We know the hype around our game is growing, and we’d love to release it on the App Stores right now! Unfortunately, some other debugging is needed. But we’re really almost done :)

    To find out more our SFERO and its unique features, we asked the Lead Developer, Andrea Pelati, to tell us something more about game-play, how the development went and what can we can expect from this new kind of game.

    What aspect have been the more most important while developing the game?
    The story and game graphics were definitely two of most important aspects, to make it appear really good-looking from the very first moment. Furthermore, we focused on finding the right balance between different elements and levels of difficulty. This was the biggest challenge, because making gameplay nor neither too easy neither nor too difficult can determine the game success on a broader marketplace.

    How many levels is the game made up of?
    The first version will consist of 4 levels and 1 World. In next updates we will insert 2 more Worlds, for a total of 16 levels.

    What makes SFERO different from other similar games on the market?
    Looking at competitors, we noticed that other popular running games, as Temple Run and Subway Surfers, are almost identical. With our gameplay we bring some innovations in this genre: we mix classical running games with new RPG features; there aren’t aisles limiting your running space, you decide the direction with a simple one-hand swiping control; cool graphics and amazing visual effects complete the picture.

    What were the major challenges you faced during the development?
    In terms of development, we had to overcome many pitfalls. Maybe the most difficult ones were balancing the difficulty through the levels and making great quality mobile effects to keep FPS (Frame per Second) high. We are very happy of the result though, and quite sure that users will appreciate a lot the fluid and dynamic gameplay.

    When are you going to release it? And on what App Store?
    Development is almost over. We’ve already started a very important phase of beta testing, so we’re going to release it really soon! It’ll be available for free first on iOS App Store, and after a while on Android Google Play too.

    Would you like to add something about the game?
    SFERO development has been a really great adventure, and working on it was worth it under every single aspect. I can assure you the game is a great challenge and a lot of fun! I’m sure you’re going to like it and, when (and if ;)) you manage to save the first World, you’ll be asking for more! That’s what really matter to us: that you’ll enjoy playing the game.

    Thank you!
    Thank you all and keep following us!

    Tutti i poteri di SFERO

    We are looking forward to learn the release date of the game on the App Stores, so stay tuned on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and on this Blog for other sneak peeks and latest news about development!

    Thank you for reading!

  • 16 April 2016

    What's happened before? SFERO backstory.

    What's happened before? SFERO backstory.

    One by one… the Free Lands of Middle-earth fell to the power of the Ring. But there were some who resisted. A Last Alliance of Men and Elves marched against the armies of Mordor, and on the slopes of Mount Doom, they fought for the freedom of Middle-earth. Victory was near… but the power of the Ring, could not be undone. It was in this moment, when all hope had faded, that Isildur, son of the King, took up his father’s sword. Sauron, the enemy of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, was defeated.

    Do you remember this moment? This is the precise moment when “The Lord of the Rings” series begun. This is also that moment when millions on fans all around the World decided that following this particular story should have been worth it.

    So, discovering what’s happened before every movie, every song, every game-play starting point, has got it all.

    Same story here (at least this is what we hope)! Indeed, SFERO is centered on a very simple question: what (or who) is he running away from? What’s happened before?

    In this post, I’d like to talk you more about SFERO’s incredible backstory.

    The protagonist, who are YOU, has found a sphere and he doesn’t really know what it could be made of, or what it contains. He has never seen anything like that before. He touches it, but something really strange happens: he flashes on some evil spirits, the dark side of the fourth elements on Earth (water, soil, air and fire), chasing after him to get that sphere back. Of course they didn’t look like going to ask for permission, but rather dangerous and angry against him.

    Then the soil opens, and he’s hopelessly trapped into an unknown world, where the only thing he can do to save himself is to start running away from those evil forces. He doesn’t know that besides him, all humankind is in true danger.

    He will soon discover that both his own and all humanity safety, depend only on him. He understands that he must defend the Sphere from those forces.

    And this is when YOU become SFERO.

    This is the story. Now it’s up to you evaluating if it’s worth or not to accept this challenge ;-)

    We think that the goal of a game designer is to create an experience and to communicate an interesting and compelling theme to the player. Then of course, it’s player turn to evaluate if that experience and theme are of his of her interest. Still, while making game storytelling, we also find opportunities to reinforce the message of the story with game elements, and we can let it become more or less interesting by setting them in a way that is enjoyable for the player. It could be done by perfectioning the interaction between the protagonist and the environment, the power of every possible move and decision making. To ignore the theme while designing these elements is to have a weaker storytelling experience.

    And we really hope that we’ve done our job right with SFERO! Of course you’ll tell us what do you think about it when you start playing the game, that is going to happen really soon!

    Stay Tuned! And keep following us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts!

    Thank you!

  • 12 March 2016

    2 new environments ready in the SFERO World!

    2 new environments ready in the SFERO World!

    Dear (future) SFERO players,
    Our graphics are almost ready and other 2 environments are finished!

    In this post, I’d like to tell you more about how game design has been managed.

    One of the things we really cared about when we made game graphics, is to make every level (and every single world as well) unique. Each one has a distinct and separate theme, so it has been differently characterized. As creators, we get to focus on making only the very best graphic content. We like to handcraft, not mass-produce. That’s why mostly everything has been handcrafted, from the 3D assets to textures. This also means that no procedural generation has been used to create levels, and each level difficulty has been carefully balanced. We chose to do this because we believe in the uniqueness of a creation.

    The downside is that it takes quite a long time to make each level/world, both from a graphical and a procedural point of view. We need to come up with entirely new environments and architectural styles. We need to create them and make them beautiful, to put them in the game play and to make them work. Finally, we have to make a lot of testing. It takes lot of time to achieve an elegant balance of mechanics, beauty and interaction.
    Here are the first teaser screenshots we released of the 2 new environments: the desert and the forest. In case you missed the first one, take a look at my previous post!

    Forest and Desert environments:

    Forest environment 1

    Forest environment 2

    Desert Environment 1

    Desert Environment 2

    To play the game, please be a little bit more patient! We’re working as hard and fast as we can. Honestly, I can say these new levels are a really great work, maybe the best we’ve ever done. So, it will be worth waiting for!

    Keep following us on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts and on this Blog!

    Thank you!

    And Happy #GameDev :)

  • 27 February 2016

    The protagonist and the first environment of SFERO are ready!

    The protagonist and the first environment of SFERO are ready!

    Welcome back!
    Development is going really fast and many things have changed within the game! Needless to say, for the best ;)

    And we’ve finally decided our protagonist, as you can see from the cover. Do you like it?

    What about game-play development?

    I can tell, without being exaggerated, that game-play is very compelling and addicting, exactly as we wanted it to be.
    We didn’t want to create a game that was “easy to play, hard to master” as many other runner games on the market. We wanted it to be difficult, so that you’ve to become really good at it to proceed through the levels. And SFERO is exactly like this: a game where it’s easy to die and it’s challenging and hard to reach the next step.

    Will you accept the challenge, dear player? :)

    SFERO’s first scene is almost ready and we’re looking forward to finish all other environments in the next several weeks.

    Here some screenshots of first scenario: the mining environment.

    First scenario: mining world

    First scenario: mining world particular item

    Other screenshots will be soon uploaded here and on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts.

    So, stay tuned and keep following us!

    Thank you!

  • 24 January 2016

    SFERO development is doing great! Discover some game's special features!

    Hello everyone!
    I’ve already talked you about SFERO, our new project, in my previous post.

    Hope you’re still curious to know how things are going from our side, aren’t you? :)

    Great! So, what about development news?

    We’ve almost done and the moment of release is nearer than ever. We are still facing a great deal of issues to solve, and the development obstacles that we have to tackle are very significant, but we start to see light at the end of the tunnel! ;)

    We started game development earlier last summer, coming out with the first raw idea. The enthusiasm since that moment has been incredible, and we’re very proud of the result till now.

    Indeed, we’re very excited about the game, because it’s got innovative features, that are not in any other game of its genre. We had (and still have) to become very creative sometimes to find a solution to solve new issues, and this stimulated us a lot to do our best.

    We cannot unveil a lot about the game. What we can tell, is that it won’t be a simple runner game. It’ll feature big variety of characters and environments, of course, but some special features too, as:

    • there won’t be aisles, so it’s a semi-free roaming runner
    • the Items Inventory will be managed GDR style

    and more… I hope that this is enough to pick at your curiosity and interest!

    Expect more information and sneak peek pictures about it really soon!

    In the meanwhile, if you want to stay tuned about last news, please follow us on SFERO’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts! And on this Blog as well, of course ;)

    Happy #GameDev

    These were the first sketches of SFERO protagonist: brainstorming character ideas!

    Primi Sketch Protagonista di SFERO

  • 15 December 2015

    A completely new running game with RPG features: coming soon on App Stores!

    SFERO is a game we’re developing as Alaki to realize a dream: being the hero who’s able to save Humanity from disruption, by taking away and defending at all costs the Sphere that holds inside all powers of Nature from mysterious invader forces.

    The idea is about escaping from invaders while collecting resources, avoiding obstacles and using great power-ups, to increment possibilities of keeping the Sphere away from them, and so Humanity safe.

    While following the line of running games, we wanted the game to differ from the more classical and famous ones not only for the story but also for gameplay. Main differences are a different control system: there’s not a mandatory path to follow (central, right side and left side), but you can move the hero wherever you want trying to figure out the best move in order to collect resources and don’t be stopped by barriers. You can also destroy barriers, not only avoid them, and each one could be the hiding place of a treasure, so it’s better you won’t miss anyone!

    We’re pretty proud of our graphic design because mostly everything has been handcrafted, from the 3D assets to textures, and no procedural generation has been involved in the creation of the worlds. We chose this because we believe in the uniqueness of a creation.

    What is also worth of notice is that, from development side, it has been more than a challenge to came up with a gameplay mechanic that could fit the classic running game experience with the classic RPG features: we want players to experiment with different items sets which can be collected while playing. These items won’t be just vanity items, but will have stats and bonuses that could increment the abilities of the character.

    The game it’s made to be easy to learn and fun within first 5 minutes, because we want to get as many people to play as possible. So the concept is fairy simple, but we’re sure it’ll be surprising how challenging and competitive the gameplay is!

    SFERO went in so many different stages in terms of concept and development, that we were so excited for the game we kept leveling up our ideas to brand new heights in terms of game mechanics. It is a very exciting path the one we’re following!” said Andrea Pelati, in charge of development.

    Keep following our blog to receive all last news about SFERO’s development, video teasers and peek at graphics and work in progress!

    SFERO is coming soon… Stay tuned!