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  • 24 January 2016

    SFERO development is doing great! Discover some game's special features!

    Hello everyone!
    I’ve already talked you about SFERO, our new project, in my previous post.

    Hope you’re still curious to know how things are going from our side, aren’t you? :)

    Great! So, what about development news?

    We’ve almost done and the moment of release is nearer than ever. We are still facing a great deal of issues to solve, and the development obstacles that we have to tackle are very significant, but we start to see light at the end of the tunnel! ;)

    We started game development earlier last summer, coming out with the first raw idea. The enthusiasm since that moment has been incredible, and we’re very proud of the result till now.

    Indeed, we’re very excited about the game, because it’s got innovative features, that are not in any other game of its genre. We had (and still have) to become very creative sometimes to find a solution to solve new issues, and this stimulated us a lot to do our best.

    We cannot unveil a lot about the game. What we can tell, is that it won’t be a simple runner game. It’ll feature big variety of characters and environments, of course, but some special features too, as:

    • there won’t be aisles, so it’s a semi-free roaming runner
    • the Items Inventory will be managed GDR style

    and more… I hope that this is enough to pick at your curiosity and interest!

    Expect more information and sneak peek pictures about it really soon!

    In the meanwhile, if you want to stay tuned about last news, please follow us on SFERO’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts! And on this Blog as well, of course ;)

    Happy #GameDev

    These were the first sketches of SFERO protagonist: brainstorming character ideas!

    Primi Sketch Protagonista di SFERO