Sfero Game

  • 15 December 2015

    A completely new running game with RPG features: coming soon on App Stores!

    SFERO is a game we’re developing as Alaki to realize a dream: being the hero who’s able to save Humanity from disruption, by taking away and defending at all costs the Sphere that holds inside all powers of Nature from mysterious invader forces.

    The idea is about escaping from invaders while collecting resources, avoiding obstacles and using great power-ups, to increment possibilities of keeping the Sphere away from them, and so Humanity safe.

    While following the line of running games, we wanted the game to differ from the more classical and famous ones not only for the story but also for gameplay. Main differences are a different control system: there’s not a mandatory path to follow (central, right side and left side), but you can move the hero wherever you want trying to figure out the best move in order to collect resources and don’t be stopped by barriers. You can also destroy barriers, not only avoid them, and each one could be the hiding place of a treasure, so it’s better you won’t miss anyone!

    We’re pretty proud of our graphic design because mostly everything has been handcrafted, from the 3D assets to textures, and no procedural generation has been involved in the creation of the worlds. We chose this because we believe in the uniqueness of a creation.

    What is also worth of notice is that, from development side, it has been more than a challenge to came up with a gameplay mechanic that could fit the classic running game experience with the classic RPG features: we want players to experiment with different items sets which can be collected while playing. These items won’t be just vanity items, but will have stats and bonuses that could increment the abilities of the character.

    The game it’s made to be easy to learn and fun within first 5 minutes, because we want to get as many people to play as possible. So the concept is fairy simple, but we’re sure it’ll be surprising how challenging and competitive the gameplay is!

    SFERO went in so many different stages in terms of concept and development, that we were so excited for the game we kept leveling up our ideas to brand new heights in terms of game mechanics. It is a very exciting path the one we’re following!” said Andrea Pelati, in charge of development.

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    SFERO is coming soon… Stay tuned!