Sfero Game

  • 27 February 2016

    The protagonist and the first environment of SFERO are ready!

    The protagonist and the first environment of SFERO are ready!

    Welcome back!
    Development is going really fast and many things have changed within the game! Needless to say, for the best ;)

    And we’ve finally decided our protagonist, as you can see from the cover. Do you like it?

    What about game-play development?

    I can tell, without being exaggerated, that game-play is very compelling and addicting, exactly as we wanted it to be.
    We didn’t want to create a game that was “easy to play, hard to master” as many other runner games on the market. We wanted it to be difficult, so that you’ve to become really good at it to proceed through the levels. And SFERO is exactly like this: a game where it’s easy to die and it’s challenging and hard to reach the next step.

    Will you accept the challenge, dear player? :)

    SFERO’s first scene is almost ready and we’re looking forward to finish all other environments in the next several weeks.

    Here some screenshots of first scenario: the mining environment.

    First scenario: mining world

    First scenario: mining world particular item

    Other screenshots will be soon uploaded here and on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts.

    So, stay tuned and keep following us!

    Thank you!