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  • 12 March 2016

    2 new environments ready in the SFERO World!

    2 new environments ready in the SFERO World!

    Dear (future) SFERO players,
    Our graphics are almost ready and other 2 environments are finished!

    In this post, I’d like to tell you more about how game design has been managed.

    One of the things we really cared about when we made game graphics, is to make every level (and every single world as well) unique. Each one has a distinct and separate theme, so it has been differently characterized. As creators, we get to focus on making only the very best graphic content. We like to handcraft, not mass-produce. That’s why mostly everything has been handcrafted, from the 3D assets to textures. This also means that no procedural generation has been used to create levels, and each level difficulty has been carefully balanced. We chose to do this because we believe in the uniqueness of a creation.

    The downside is that it takes quite a long time to make each level/world, both from a graphical and a procedural point of view. We need to come up with entirely new environments and architectural styles. We need to create them and make them beautiful, to put them in the game play and to make them work. Finally, we have to make a lot of testing. It takes lot of time to achieve an elegant balance of mechanics, beauty and interaction.
    Here are the first teaser screenshots we released of the 2 new environments: the desert and the forest. In case you missed the first one, take a look at my previous post!

    Forest and Desert environments:

    Forest environment 1

    Forest environment 2

    Desert Environment 1

    Desert Environment 2

    To play the game, please be a little bit more patient! We’re working as hard and fast as we can. Honestly, I can say these new levels are a really great work, maybe the best we’ve ever done. So, it will be worth waiting for!

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    Thank you!

    And Happy #GameDev :)