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  • 29 April 2016

    Interview with SFERO Lead Developer and sneak peeks!

    Dear (future) players,
    We know the hype around our game is growing, and we’d love to release it on the App Stores right now! Unfortunately, some other debugging is needed. But we’re really almost done :)

    To find out more our SFERO and its unique features, we asked the Lead Developer, Andrea Pelati, to tell us something more about game-play, how the development went and what can we can expect from this new kind of game.

    What aspect have been the more most important while developing the game?
    The story and game graphics were definitely two of most important aspects, to make it appear really good-looking from the very first moment. Furthermore, we focused on finding the right balance between different elements and levels of difficulty. This was the biggest challenge, because making gameplay nor neither too easy neither nor too difficult can determine the game success on a broader marketplace.

    How many levels is the game made up of?
    The first version will consist of 4 levels and 1 World. In next updates we will insert 2 more Worlds, for a total of 16 levels.

    What makes SFERO different from other similar games on the market?
    Looking at competitors, we noticed that other popular running games, as Temple Run and Subway Surfers, are almost identical. With our gameplay we bring some innovations in this genre: we mix classical running games with new RPG features; there aren’t aisles limiting your running space, you decide the direction with a simple one-hand swiping control; cool graphics and amazing visual effects complete the picture.

    What were the major challenges you faced during the development?
    In terms of development, we had to overcome many pitfalls. Maybe the most difficult ones were balancing the difficulty through the levels and making great quality mobile effects to keep FPS (Frame per Second) high. We are very happy of the result though, and quite sure that users will appreciate a lot the fluid and dynamic gameplay.

    When are you going to release it? And on what App Store?
    Development is almost over. We’ve already started a very important phase of beta testing, so we’re going to release it really soon! It’ll be available for free first on iOS App Store, and after a while on Android Google Play too.

    Would you like to add something about the game?
    SFERO development has been a really great adventure, and working on it was worth it under every single aspect. I can assure you the game is a great challenge and a lot of fun! I’m sure you’re going to like it and, when (and if ;)) you manage to save the first World, you’ll be asking for more! That’s what really matter to us: that you’ll enjoy playing the game.

    Thank you!
    Thank you all and keep following us!

    Tutti i poteri di SFERO

    We are looking forward to learn the release date of the game on the App Stores, so stay tuned on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and on this Blog for other sneak peeks and latest news about development!

    Thank you for reading!

  • 16 April 2016

    What's happened before? SFERO backstory.

    What's happened before? SFERO backstory.

    One by one… the Free Lands of Middle-earth fell to the power of the Ring. But there were some who resisted. A Last Alliance of Men and Elves marched against the armies of Mordor, and on the slopes of Mount Doom, they fought for the freedom of Middle-earth. Victory was near… but the power of the Ring, could not be undone. It was in this moment, when all hope had faded, that Isildur, son of the King, took up his father’s sword. Sauron, the enemy of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, was defeated.

    Do you remember this moment? This is the precise moment when “The Lord of the Rings” series begun. This is also that moment when millions on fans all around the World decided that following this particular story should have been worth it.

    So, discovering what’s happened before every movie, every song, every game-play starting point, has got it all.

    Same story here (at least this is what we hope)! Indeed, SFERO is centered on a very simple question: what (or who) is he running away from? What’s happened before?

    In this post, I’d like to talk you more about SFERO’s incredible backstory.

    The protagonist, who are YOU, has found a sphere and he doesn’t really know what it could be made of, or what it contains. He has never seen anything like that before. He touches it, but something really strange happens: he flashes on some evil spirits, the dark side of the fourth elements on Earth (water, soil, air and fire), chasing after him to get that sphere back. Of course they didn’t look like going to ask for permission, but rather dangerous and angry against him.

    Then the soil opens, and he’s hopelessly trapped into an unknown world, where the only thing he can do to save himself is to start running away from those evil forces. He doesn’t know that besides him, all humankind is in true danger.

    He will soon discover that both his own and all humanity safety, depend only on him. He understands that he must defend the Sphere from those forces.

    And this is when YOU become SFERO.

    This is the story. Now it’s up to you evaluating if it’s worth or not to accept this challenge ;-)

    We think that the goal of a game designer is to create an experience and to communicate an interesting and compelling theme to the player. Then of course, it’s player turn to evaluate if that experience and theme are of his of her interest. Still, while making game storytelling, we also find opportunities to reinforce the message of the story with game elements, and we can let it become more or less interesting by setting them in a way that is enjoyable for the player. It could be done by perfectioning the interaction between the protagonist and the environment, the power of every possible move and decision making. To ignore the theme while designing these elements is to have a weaker storytelling experience.

    And we really hope that we’ve done our job right with SFERO! Of course you’ll tell us what do you think about it when you start playing the game, that is going to happen really soon!

    Stay Tuned! And keep following us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts!

    Thank you!