Sfero Game

  • 17 June 2016

    Sfero Game NOW available for free on iOS and Android!

    Sfero Game NOW available for free on iOS and Android!

    The game has finally been released worldwide!

    You can download it for free at the following links:


    To make you more willing to give it a try, we wanted to know more about how the gameplay idea was born. To get more details about it, we asked directly to the person who create it, its Product Manager Riccardo Masciotta, to answer some questions and to give us some insights of his particular point of view of this new adventure.

    What has been your motivation to design and develop a new mobile game?

    I’ve always been fond of videogames, since I was really young. In particular, I’ve played almost every existing console game. When I started to play mobile games on my smartphone, I experienced the power of this new platform and I guessed its potentiality. So, I decided to take my ability as a game player to the next level, trying myself with the creation and the design of a casual game with innovative characteristics, both in terms of graphics and in terms of gameplay, thanks to the introduction of RGP features in a running game. As to say, I was motivated by the desire to “make something different” and to follow my passion for games, throwing myself into a completely new adventure.

    What gameplay characteristics were the ones that convinced you to start developing this new kind of running game?

    The gameplay of this product is very innovative, for two principal reasons: the first is that the game controls are very easy, consisting of one simple tap to move left or right (there aren’t aisles), more taps in a row to shoot at obstacles to destroy them. This makes it simpler and accessible to a very broad audience. The second is that it has got some RPG features, not very common in this kind of games, a fresh look and really great graphics.

    How this experience will change your view as a game designer and the way you’ll think about making games in the future?

    Making a game is a very hard challenge. Having a great idea and being able to design it with a functional and easy structure is only the beginning. Then you have to overcome all obstacles during development. We’ve done it, and it has been a tough work, being the main challenges the need to reducing the size of the graphic assets package and finding the optimal balance between all elements, in particular trying to ensure that the UI (User Interface) was as immediate and understandable as possible to all potential users.

    What can we expect from this new adventure?

    I believe the game will please both ours and players’ expectations. In particular, players will love its detailed graphics, the immediate but still challenging gameplay, and the addictive game mode. Our team will be open to feedback and new suggestions coming directly from them, and willing to add new features to the game accordingly. We want to make it the best game of its genre!

    Thank you and good luck!

    Thank you and enjoy the game!

    Of course we will. What about you? ;)

    Let us know your feedback and suggestions! Contact us: info@alaki.it